Welcome to DIY Kiosk

Hello and welcome to DIY Kiosk!

Let me introduce myself – I’m Jenna, a Sydney based writer, designer and crafter.
For as long as I can remember I have been making things. As a child growing up in the Lower Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, I spent most of my playtime creating mini books, magazines, elaborate paddle-pop stick projects and putting my crafty skills to good use for birthday and special holiday gifts for family and friends. Being creative always made me feel at home, so it has been a natural progression to include creativity wherever I could in my every day life.

Blogging since 2010 via my previous website My Life As A Magazine allowed me to share my creative loves with like-minded people acting as a public journal.

I have created DIY Kiosk to be an online hub focused on all things DIY and handmade. In the Kiosk you can shop for DIY Kiosk goodies including: zines, stationery, DIY project kits and creations as seen on this DIY Kiosk blog.

When I’m not working on DIY Kiosk you can find me working in print and digital media, writing features, designing, styling and photographing product-based features.
My five years experience in print and digital media has allowed me to work on some wonderful projects and meet teams of amazing and inspiring people. My previous works and DIY projects have featured in various publications – feel free to check out some of my work in the Portfolio section.

I hope DIY Kiosk will inspire you to get creative, have fun, let loose, paint your world with colour and make you feel at home.

Let’s get crafting!!