DIY: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet

DIY: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet on

Pop into any bookstore or newsagency at the moment and the shelves are lined with books dedicated to colouring in for adults. It seems that this craze has well and truly taken over with adults swapping their pen and crosswords for pencils and colouring books instead. Having adored my colouring books as a child I’m so happy I can relive this love in my adult years (now I don’t have to discreetly go to the kids section for colouring books anymore, yay!).

I must admit it is quite relaxing to colour in. Like crafting it allows me to relax and escape dwelling over worries and concerns for a moment. I’m always up for anything fun, happy and colourful so I have illustrated and designed a free printable nail art themed colouring in sheet for you all to enjoy. Continue reading

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

Hello friends and crafters! You may have seen in my profile photo on the right there, me in front of a sprinkle wall. This was actually the first project I put together a year and a half ago when I first had the idea to make this DIY Kiosk website. It was also inspired by one of my favourite childhood party foods – fairy bread. It’s fair to say I’m a bit mad for the colourful sprinkle pattern too. The sprinkle wall idea also came to mind when I wanted to take some fun ‘profile’ pictures to include on this website and about page. I had already made paper confetti and polka dot walls for a shop exhibition a few years ago, and given my fairy bread piñata would be my first featured DIY Kiosk project – I thought that sprinkles would make the perfect backdrop for a photo wall! Continue reading

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

You only need to look at Pinterest to see all the amazing uses for Froot Loops! Recently I have seen these colourful cereal loops on top of doughnuts, vanilla cakes and even making an appearance in rice bubble treats. For this DIY I wanted to take a new trend and mix it with a nostalgic one. One of my favourite childhood party sweets were those lolly bracelets – do you remember these? They often made an appearance in kids party loot bags. Froot Loops kind of remind me of these sherbet tasting ring lollies so it gave me the idea to make a similar treat bracelet but with – Froot Loops! Also a breakfast for champions! Continue reading

DIY: Stationery Box

DIY Stationery Box on

Stationery is my shopping weakness. I can spend hours in stationery stores – I’m obsessed. There is nothing better then starting a fresh notebook, drawing and writing with new markers, pens and pencils. I love to display my favourite stationery on my little home studio desk – a great source of inspiration! With a growing collection I’m always trying to find unique mugs and stationery organisers to store all my goodies in. So I thought why not make my own? I would love it if you can join in on the fun – so craft with me and learn how to make a stationery box. Continue reading

DIY: Party Jumper

Brr! It’s very cold at the moment during the winter season here in Australia. But I do enjoy getting cosy and snug in my winter woollies. When I was in New York on holidays a couple of Christmas’s ago I was on a mission to find a ‘ugly Christmas sweater’. Successful with my findings I wear it every July during the Aussie winter season and what some call ‘Christmas in July’. Inspired by the amazing ugly sweaters, that are often decorated with knitted reindeers (Bridget Jones’s Diary anyone?) or pom-pom covered Christmas trees I decided to make my own version of an ‘ugly sweater’ with a hint of colour and fun – say hip-hip hooray to my DIY Party Jumper! Continue reading

DIY: Fun Snail Mail Ideas

There is nothing better than receiving beautifully decorated mail in the letter box. I dedicate most of my free time to penning letters to friends over the globe and putting together handcrafted stationery kits and surprise mail packages full of homemade paper goodies. I even wrote a little publication about it called Happy Mail Day.

Given my love for snail mail and mail art I thought I would share with you some new fun ways you can decorate your envelopes using just a few handy craft tools and materials.

Happy mail days are ahead with these 4 fun ways to decorate mail Continue reading

DIY: Glitter Gift Wrap

I just love gift wrapping! It is one of my favourite crafty things to do as I love making a gift for a loved one or friend that extra bit special with a handmade touch.

This little gift wrapping idea is super easy and can give your gifts a touch of gold glitz in under 15 minutes! Prepare to have your work space glitter bombed after doing this DIY though! Ha!

Let’s make some glitter gift wrap! Continue reading

DIY: Ken Done Inspired Paper Flower Garland

DIY Kiosk’s latest DIY is a nod to my favourite and iconic Aussie artist Ken Done.

Ken Done’s colourful, bright and bold art holds a special place in my heart and rekindles many happy memories of my childhood growing up in the mid-80s.

Ken done taught me how to see the beauty in the Australian landscape through colour. His quintessential Australiana themed artwork featured on my favourite childhood holiday bag (frangipani flowers beaming through a blue and aqua background) happy Koala placemats sat on the family dinner table during special occasions and the bright pastel pink and the floral duvet cover on my parents bed would give me a sense of comfort and happiness when I saw it, whenever I would run into their bedroom after a bad nightmare.

I love the below quote that is published in the 1986 book Ken Done: Paintings, Drawings, Posters and Prints, which describes Done’s work beautifully. Continue reading

DIY: Fairy Bread Piñata

Hello! DIY Kiosk’s first craft tutorial has been themed around my favourite party food – fairy bread. I have made many fairy bread themed crafts in the past, including a coin purse and birthday cards.

Fairy bread is such a happy looking food and my obsession with it grew when I first spotted them on my friends’ party tables when I was a child. There was a catch though… I would never eat it as I…yep! hated butter! To this day I still hate butter spread on my sandwiches. So because of this reason, I think I love making fairy bread themed things because I could never enjoy all those amazing plates of fairy bread at those kids’ parties. Now that I’m older I have finally discovered that I can substitute butter for honey, so now I can kinda have my fairy bread…and eat it too.

So let’s get the craft party started and make a Fairy Bread Piñata – DIY Kiosk’s first craft tutorial! Continue reading