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Stationery is my shopping weakness. I can spend hours in stationery stores – I’m obsessed. There is nothing better then starting a fresh notebook, drawing and writing with new markers, pens and pencils. I love to display my favourite stationery on my little home studio desk – a great source of inspiration! With a growing collection I’m always trying to find unique mugs and stationery organisers to store all my goodies in. So I thought why not make my own? I would love it if you can join in on the fun – so craft with me and learn how to make a stationery box.

How to make a stationery box

Keep your stationery organised in a polka dot stationery box.

DIY Stationery box on

DIY Stationery Box on

balsa wood (2.5 x 100 x 915)
acrylic paint
emery board or sandpaper
paint brush
glue gun
craft knife

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Measure out the bottom and sides of the stationery box using balsa wood.

I used the below dimensions to make the DIY Kiosk one:

Bottom: 10 x 10cm
2 x Sides: 10 x 9.7cm
2 x Sides: 10 x 9.5cm

Once you have measured out the bottom and sides of the box, cut-up using a craft knife.
The great thing about balsa wood is that it is super easy to cut into with just a craft knife – no power tools needed!

Sand each side of the balsa wood pieces with a emery board – I love have my nail filer has a extra purpose. I didn’t realise I would need sandpaper until mid-way through this project idea, but I had a light-bulb moment that my nail filer would do the job – it was perfect! Worked a treat!

Use the glue gun to glue along the bottom piece sides and down along each side of the other stationery box four side pieces. Starting with one side at a time, glue side piece sitting vertical up onto bottom piece than glue along the outer side of this side piece and prepare to attach on the next side. Repeat until all sides are glued together in a square box shape.

Note: The glue dries pretty fast with a glue gun, so quickly practice putting your box together before the final glue to make sure the bottom piece and each of the sides match up evenly.

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Once you have finished gluing the stationery box together, give it a final sand on the top rim and sides of the box with your trusty nail file.

How to make a stationery box on


The fun part begins with painting your stationery box. I had to include neon pink polka dots on mine – this favourite colour and pattern of mine will make me smile daily!

Allow to dry, pop it on your desk and fill it with all your gorgeous stationery!

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