DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

Hello friends and crafters! You may have seen in my profile photo on the right there, me in front of a sprinkle wall. This was actually the first project I put together a year and a half ago when I first had the idea to make this DIY Kiosk website. It was also inspired by one of my favourite childhood party foods – fairy bread. It’s fair to say I’m a bit mad for the colourful sprinkle pattern too. The sprinkle wall idea also came to mind when I wanted to take some fun ‘profile’ pictures to include on this website and about page. I had already made paper confetti and polka dot walls for a shop exhibition a few years ago, and given my fairy bread piñata would be my first featured DIY Kiosk project – I thought that sprinkles would make the perfect backdrop for a photo wall!

How to make a Sprinkle Photo Wall

Decorate a spare wall with colourful paper sprinkles that you can use as a backdrop for a fun photoshoot or for a party photobooth.

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

colour paper; pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple
corner curve craft punch

Let’s make a paper sprinkle photo wall

Cut coloured paper into rectangles (sprinkles) 5cm x 18cm in size.

Punch each of the four sprinkle corners with a corner curve craft punch or freehand with scissors.

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

For some of the sprinkles I wanted to combine the colours. I did this by cutting one of the two coloured sprinkles about 2/3 of the way up and cutting one of the ends into a curve. This piece was then glued onto a different coloured sprinkle.

It’s up to you how many sprinkles to make as it depends on the wall space you want to cover. I covered half a wall for my sprinkle covered wall so made about 100 sprinkles.

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

Once you have cut all your sprinkles you are ready to stick them to the wall.

Blu-tack the sprinkles to the wall on different angles making sure you don’t double-up on having the same colour sprinkle next to each other. Before you know it your wall will look like a slice of fairy bread or sprinkles on an ice-cream!

Have fun taking photos in front of your new colourful wall space!
Here are some cute ideas to use your sprinkle wall.

DIY: Sprinkle Photo Wall on

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015