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Brr! It’s very cold at the moment during the winter season here in Australia. But I do enjoy getting cosy and snug in my winter woollies. When I was in New York on holidays a couple of Christmas’s ago I was on a mission to find a ‘ugly Christmas sweater’. Successful with my findings I wear it every July during the Aussie winter season and what some call ‘Christmas in July’. Inspired by the amazing ugly sweaters, that are often decorated with knitted reindeers (Bridget Jones’s Diary anyone?) or pom-pom covered Christmas trees I decided to make my own version of an ‘ugly sweater’ with a hint of colour and fun – say hip-hip hooray to my DIY Party Jumper!


downloadable template
fabric scissors
iron-on adhesive
plain jumper
sewing needle and thread

How to make a party  jumper

Decorate a plain jumper with a felt and pom-pom party hat, to wear to your next celebration.


Download the party jumper template HERE
Cut-out each piece of the template (party hat and decorative polka dots) and trace around with a marker on to the felt.

Using the fabric scissors cut-out the felt shapes. A pink party hat and yellow polka dots. Feel free to pick your own fave colours as well!


Now use your felt party hat and decorative polka dots as templates and trace around them with a pencil on to the iron-on adhesive and cut-out and line them up with the back of each felt pieces.
Note: Some iron-on adhesive may have their own instructions so best to follow those provided.

The iron-on adhesive that I used required me to iron the ‘rough’ side onto the felt pieces that I intended to stick facing down on the jumper. I then needed to peel off a layer of the iron-on adhesive and iron the final adhesive backing remaining on the felt down onto the middle of the jumper – as seen in the above photo steps.


Now to decorate the party hat with my favourite pattern – polka dots! The semi-circle provided in the template are great for adding to the sides of the party hat.

Place the felt circles down where you want to iron them on to the party hat and follow the above iron-on adhesive instructions for each.


Ready for the final touch of party? a pom-pom! You are welcome to use a bought one or why not hand make your own.

Using a sewing needle and thread secure the pom-pom to the top of the party hat by sewing into the front middle of the pom-pom, through the jumper, than back out through the jumper, back out through the pom-pom and repeat until you feel the pom-pom is secure enough.

Yay! Now your party hat jumper is ready to wear! Hip-hip Hooray!

Note: This project is for fun use only. Best not to send the completed jumper through the washing machine. Recommend: a nice quick hand wash to keep your handy work in tack.


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Thanks for crafting with me again! Feel free to say hello on the below ‘comments postcard’ – I love mail!

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