DIY: Party Hat Gift Box

DIY: Party Hat Gift Box

Hip Hip Hooray! I’m continuing on from the DIY Kiosk anniversary celebrations with a fun party craft project. This little party hat gift box is also extra special as it recently appeared in a book! The very talented designer, author and friend Michelle Mackintosh has written and designed the most beautiful book called Care Packages. It’s filled with lots of unique, fun and creative ideas for sending petite parcels through the mail to friends and loved ones. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute and have my work featured alongside so many creatives and snail mail friends from all over the world.

DIY: Party Hat Gift Box

As part of the #PO Box project we were all given the same mission – to send a unique parcel through the mail, the theme and it’s contents was up to us. Michelle knows that I quite enjoy making mini paper treasures so I was really excited to get started. As you can see by some of my past DIY Kiosk projects I really like my party craft – as well as childhood nostalgia. So for my submission I decided to make a Party-in-a-box, a gift box that was in the shape of a party hat with a pom-pom on top off course! For the contents I handmade paper party themed items from nostalgic childhood party memories. Some of the things included a lolly loot bag (more on this coming soon!), mini fairy bread card, musical chair, candle to make a wish, mini pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. There were a few more things included, but I’m saving those surprises for future DIY’s and creative projects! (Hope that’s OK with you?).

DIY: Party Hat Gift Box

How to make a Party Hat Gift Box

Because this little party-in-a-box needed to travel through the post, I had to include a few extras to keep it sturdy and from getting squashed in the mail. I also added press studs as I know that Michelle loves packaging as much as I do, so I wanted her to be able to easily open and close the box.

downloadable template
coloured card + paper
glue gun
glue stick or double-sided tape
press stud buttons
balsa wood
colour textas
sewing needle + thread

Build your Party-in-a-box….party hat!

Download the DIY Kiosk Party Hat Gift Box template HERE.

Draw around the template onto card with a pencil and cut-out.

How to make a party hat gift box
To keep the box sturdy and have tough sides I cut up pieces of balsa wood. The wood pieces were first decorated in stripe and squiggle pattern with textas then they were glued onto the inside sides of the gift box.

Note: I left 1/2 cm gap on each side of the balsa wood pieces so the box could close easily. If the wood covers the card box fold lines it will not shut!

How to make a party hat gift box

Hand sew a pom-pom to the top of the party hat by sewing in and out of the top of the box and through the pom-pom.

The next part gets a bit tricky. To know the best spots to glue or sew on your press stud buttons first close the box and using a pencil mark where the box sides will close and meet each other.
Once the spots are marked you can go ahead and attach your buttons.

Now the fun bit starts – decorate your box with paper cut shapes, strips, address label and design your own mock postage stamp. You could even decorate it with circle stickers or washi tape! Have fun!

Don’t forget to make a wish….

Papercut Birthday Candle

Fill your party-in-a-box with some handmade treats and it is ready to pop in the post or gift straight to your lucky recipient.

Party-in-a-box with handmade nostalgic treats

Here is my little party hat gift box in Michelle’s book Care Packages. On the shelf with so many other amazing creations from all over the world!

Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh

Did you like this project? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2016