DIY: New Year’s Party Hat

DIY: New Year's Party Hat

Farewell 2015! Let’s welcome the new year with this fun party craft project to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve! How do you like to spend your evening? I must admit I have never been able to pull those all nighters, instead I often go out to dinner and stay in with Ryan (lovely hubby) having a movie marathon. Our celebrations normally occur on the 1st of January when we dedicate a day to fun, relaxation and doing something we love to do (but don’t do often) – perhaps a day trip to the beach.

Not one to miss the opportunity for a good craft session…a party one at that! I just had to make a New Year’s party hat to wear as I cheer into the new year.

DIY: New Year's Party Hat
I’m loving everything gold foil at the moment so this inspired the look of the hat. A past memorable New Year’s was spent in New York (Christmas too). It was such a magical place to experience during the holidays. I loved how they still kept the festive celebrations going after Christmas up until New Year’s Eve. Street vendors would go from selling Christmas trees to New Years crowns and top hats. To keep the ‘cheer’ alive I just had to include some tinsel on this NYE party hat – I have been hoarding this rainbow one for a year now, so yay, to finally using my stash!

Let the craft party begin! Happy New Year!

 How to make a New Year’s Party Hat

A party hat to suit any New Year’s festivities, whatever you may be up to! Why not make a few and set up a New Year photobooth?

DIY: New Year's Party Hat

party hat template
double-sided tape
circle shape stencil or craft punch
hole punch
elastic string
letter stickers
gold paper
gold card
pink card

Let’s make a New Year’s party hat

Download the free DIY Kiosk party hat template. Cut-out and trace around on your chosen card stock, that will make up your party hat.

DIY: Party Hat

Once cut-out turn over and stick down a strip of double-sided tape to one of the back side-edges of the party hat. Curl the party hat around to form a cone and seal down.

How to make a party hat

Punch one hole into both sides of the party hat using a small hole punch.

Thread string elastic through each of the side holes and tie elastic ends with a knot on the outer side if the party hat. (Don’t worry the string and knot won’t show as will be covered in tinsel soon!)

Tip: After making the first side knot, put the party hat on your head to help measure the string elastic under your chin and around to the other-side of the party hat before threading and making the second elastic string knot tie. It will make the perfect party hat length for you.

How easy was that? Now the fun part begins…decorating!

Decorating the party hat 

I’m giving this New Year’s Eve party hat a little nod to Christmas by decorating with tinsel and a ‘Jenna favourite’ – a paper rosette.

Measure some tinsel around the bottom edge of your party hat. I gave my tinsel a little trim as not to swap the party hat. I got a bit side tracked after doing this as I had just made tinsel confetti! Oh My! I feel a confetti post coming on (in the near future).

DIY Tinsel scrap confetti

Stick double-sided tape around the bottom of the party hat.

Attach your tinsel (that you just gave a trim) around the bottom.

DIY Party Hat

Don’t forget to add a bit of tinsel to the top of the hat too! Instant pom-pom!

DIY Tinsel Party Hat Pom Pom

Now let’s add a special touch of New Year cheer with a rosette.

How to make a paper rosette

Rosette making has been a many fave craft times for me and those of you who have previously read my other blog will know that I love making them with paper and washi tape. I even hosted a workshop on how to make a Kawaii Pop (Japanese ‘cute’ inspired) version.

To make this New Year themed rosette I used a stencil to draw a circle on card.
I cut the circle out and spelled ‘New Year’ with stickers onto the center of the rosette circle.

For the rosette pleats. Cut out a few strips (1cm width size) and stick double-sided tape to the back of each strip. Make your way around the edge of the rosette circle sticking the strips down making 0.5cm pleats. I Guess you could call it accordion folds.

How to make a paper rosette

Take a moment to admire your New Year’s Rosette before attaching to your party hat with double-sided tape.

DIY New Year's Rosette

Now your party hat is ready to wear and join in during the celebrations.

DIY Kiosk: New Year's Party Hat

A big happy New Year to you all!! I look forward to sharing some more fun crafty projects with you in the New Year! Welcome 2016!

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015