DIY: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet

DIY: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet on

Pop into any bookstore or newsagency at the moment and the shelves are lined with books dedicated to colouring in for adults. It seems that this craze has well and truly taken over with adults swapping their pen and crosswords for pencils and colouring books instead. Having adored my colouring books as a child I’m so happy I can relive this love in my adult years (now I don’t have to discreetly go to the kids section for colouring books anymore, yay!).

I must admit it is quite relaxing to colour in. Like crafting it allows me to relax and escape dwelling over worries and concerns for a moment. I’m always up for anything fun, happy and colourful so I have illustrated and designed a free printable nail art themed colouring in sheet for you all to enjoy.Free Printable: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet on

FREE Printable: Nail Art colouring in sheet

This illustrated nail art colouring in sheet includes 20+ cute nail designs and space to draw your own nail art creations.

Free Printable: Nail Art Colouring In Sheet on

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Happy colouring!!

Original artwork, styling and photography by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015

Please note: This Printable Nail Art Colouring In sheet is copyright by Jenna Templeton @ DIY Kiosk and is for personal use only. It is not to be used (in part or in full) for commercial purposes, or distributed in soft or hard copy.