DIY: Ken Done Inspired Paper Flower Garland

DIY Kiosk’s latest DIY is a nod to my favourite and iconic Aussie artist Ken Done.

Ken Done’s colourful, bright and bold art holds a special place in my heart and rekindles many happy memories of my childhood growing up in the mid-80s.

Ken done taught me how to see the beauty in the Australian landscape through colour. His quintessential Australiana themed artwork featured on my favourite childhood holiday bag (frangipani flowers beaming through a blue and aqua background) happy Koala placemats sat on the family dinner table during special occasions and the bright pastel pink and the floral duvet cover on my parents bed would give me a sense of comfort and happiness when I saw it, whenever I would run into their bedroom after a bad nightmare.

I love the below quote that is published in the 1986 book Ken Done: Paintings, Drawings, Posters and Prints, which describes Done’s work beautifully.

DIY: Ken Done Flower Garland on


The flower Morning Glory features in many of Ken Done’s work in the 80s, displayed in colourful vases on Ken Done’s studio desk or bordering a painting of a beach scene.

They are the inspiration behind this Paper Flower Garland DIY. I think I will hang it in my mini craft studio to inspire me every day. Let’s get making!

inspiration –1984 Morning Glories gouache drawing by Ken Done
white, blue and pink paper
washi tape
glue stick

How to make a Ken Done Inspired Paper Flower Garland

Freehand draw a morning glory flower and the eye centre part of the flower on white paper. Use Ken Done’s 1984 Morning Glories artwork as inspiration.

These drawings will become your templates to make the paper flower garland, so carefully
cut-out each when drawn.


Trace around the flower template on blue paper drawing 12 flowers.
Note: 12 flower halves make the final 6 flowers.

Trace around the eye of the flower centre template on bright pink paper 12 times.

Cut-out and glue each flower eye to the middle of the blue paper flowers on one side of each.

Note: Make sure flower backs match up to make one flower when two of the flower halves are glued together after you have attached to the string.

Use a piece of string 110cm long to make the garland.


Attach string running through the back middle of 6 flowers using washi tape.

Leave an 18cm gap at either end of the string for hanging and attach flowers 5cm apart from each other.

Note: The string needs to be attached on the blank side of the flower that does not feature the flower eye.

Glue the remaining 6 flowers on top of the 6 flowers already attached to the string with the flower eye facing outwards.

Your Ken Done inspired Morning Glory Paper Flower Garland is now ready for hanging. I hope it brightens up your day!


Thanks Ken Done for always being an inspiration and painting my world with colour.

If you are ever heading to Sydney put a visit to the Ken Done Gallery, situated among the historic buildings of The Rocks, on your must-see list. Check out his latest works and you might even be lucky to spot the man himself wandering the gallery! I was lucky to see him once but my shyness overcame me to say anything.

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015

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