DIY: Fun Snail Mail Ideas

There is nothing better than receiving beautifully decorated mail in the letter box. I dedicate most of my free time to penning letters to friends over the globe and putting together handcrafted stationery kits and surprise mail packages full of homemade paper goodies. I even wrote a little publication about it called Happy Mail Day.

Given my love for snail mail and mail art I thought I would share with you some new fun ways you can decorate your envelopes using just a few handy craft tools and materials.

Happy mail days are ahead with these 4 fun ways to decorate mail


couloured envelopes
puff paint
washi tape
sticker dots
paper scraps
Washi tape mail

You can decorate just about anything with washi tape! This colourful and versatile craft material comes in a range of different patterns and colours and is perfect for making your mail pop! Stick it down on different angles or overlap other strips of washi tape. This magic tape has a special adhesive on it so it is easy to peel off if you want to re-stick it down again.


Polka dot mail

Dot stickers scattered on a envelope make instant polka dots – such a happy pattern!

Puff paint mail

Oh my! Who remembers puff paint? Being a child of the 80s I used to decorate my Apple Pie shoes, school backpacks and denim overalls with this amazing stuff. These fond memories encouraged me to get acquainted with puff paint again and use it to decorate my snail mail envelopes. I look forward to experimenting with the puff paint for future DIY Kiosk projects –   I already have some ideas.

Happy scraps mail

Confession time! I have a tendency to hoard the paper scraps left over from most of my craft projects. I now keep them in a little sealed bag as I can’t bare to throw them out as sometimes they can inspire my next craft project – like this one. Scrap paper, which I like to call ‘happy scraps’ are great for decorating your mail. For this envelope I used circle punch paper scraps and glued them onto the envelope in different angles to create a pattern. I love that you can see the original envelope through the negative space of the paper scraps.

I hope that these 4 fun ways to decorate your snail mail has inspired you to get crafty and send a little letter to a loved one or friend, I guarantee it will put a big smile on your recipients face.

For more snail mail and envelope decorating ideas check out my publication Happy Mail Day which is available now in the Kiosk.


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