DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

You only need to look at Pinterest to see all the amazing uses for Froot Loops! Recently I have seen these colourful cereal loops on top of doughnuts, vanilla cakes and even making an appearance in rice bubble treats. For this DIY I wanted to take a new trend and mix it with a nostalgic one. One of my favourite childhood party sweets were those lolly bracelets – do you remember these? They often made an appearance in kids party loot bags. Froot Loops kind of remind me of these sherbet tasting ring lollies so it gave me the idea to make a similar treat bracelet but with – Froot Loops! Also a breakfast for champions!

How to make Froot Loop bracelets

These Froot Loop bracelets are a great idea for a fun party treat or gift. Why not make them into a necklace? or turn one into a garland to hang on the front of a sweet table?

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

froot loops
string elastic

How to make a Froot Loop cereal bracelet

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

This is a super quick craft – each bracelet only takes a minute to make. So not much time is needed to whip this fun and colourful treat up!

Measure the string elastic around your wrist. Allow extra length to make a knot when you have threaded the Froot Loops on. Mine was about 25cm in length.

Thread Froot Loops on mixing all the colours up. I kept to a purple, green, red, orange and yellow order. 25 of the Froot Loops fitted onto each of these bracelets.
Tip: If you have trouble threading the Froot Loops on why not thread with a larged-eyed sewing needle.

When you have filled up the string elastic, tie each end together with a double knot to secure.
Cut-off any remaining thread.

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on

Yay! Your Froot Loop Bracelet is complete. Ha! also can be your breakfast on the go!

DIY: Froot Loop Bracelets on
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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015