DIY: Foil Palm Leaf Art

DIY: Foil Palm Leaf Art

Last month my hubby and I started working on our biggest project to date – buying our first home! Since picking up the keys we have been non-stop painting every wall, nook and cranny. At the same time we are doing a big bathroom renovation too. I can’t wait until I can start styling every room from the decor to handmade DIY touches. After renting for 5 years, I can’t tell you how excited I am of the possibility of being able to personalise every room and the walls. The first thing we will be doing is decorating the walls with artwork (a privilege not always possible with rented walls!). So I thought it was fitting for my first home themed DIY to share a artwork project.

I’ve been going cray-cray over all things foil. My pinterest feed is constantly flooded with all those lovely gold foil quote prints. We are also seeing lots of palm leaves making appearances on home soft furnishings and fashion too. So I have combined these two fad things I’m loving in the form of a foil palm leaf artwork – ready to pretty up a blank wall space.

DIY: Foil Palm Leaf Art

How to make a foil artwork

There are numerous ways to make a foil artwork from using tone ink prints and laminating foil on top or even foiling straight onto double-sided tape. I think you could probably see by my past DIY projects that one of my go-to tools for crafting is double-sided tape. It’s such a simple adhesive to work with. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that double-sided adhesive paper existed! Which gave me the idea of using it to foil bigger things like a palm leaf. As it should work with foil like double-sided tape would right? – Yay! I guessed right, hence this project.

mint green coloured foil
card (for template making)
pink card
double-sided adhesive paper
x-acto knife

How to make a foil print with double-sided adhesive paper

First you need to make a template. Freehand draw a palm leaf onto card. Cut-out your palm leaf template – you will need to use an x-acto knife if you want to cut-out some holes in the leaves.

Once you have made your template, trace around the template palm leaf drawing several leafs onto a sheet of double-sided adhesive paper. Cut-out each with scissors and a x-acto knife where necessary.

how to foil with double sided adhesive paper

Once you have cut-out all your palm leaves, scatter them out over your pink card where you would like them to be foiled.

Foiling onto card

Pull of one side of the double-sided paper plastic and press the sticky side down onto the card. Press down firmly so all the leaf sticky shape holds onto the card. Remove the last side of the adhesive plastic. Now the fun foiling part begins!How to foil with double-sided tape

To make it easier to get a good foil coverage on each leaf I have cut some foil in to square pieces. Carefully place a square foil piece onto the sticky leaf shape adhesive residue left on the card.
Note: The coloured foil is placed with the main coloured side facing up.

Rub your finger over the whole of the palm leaf making sure that the foil covers all the sticky adhesive. Than all you need to do is peel the foil off and you have a very shiny green foiled palm leaf! Repeat step until all your palm leaves have been foiled.

DIY: Foil Palm Leaf Print

Foiling is so easy it’s addictive! I just want to foil every paper medium in site now! So I’m sure I will be making some more foil related projects and artwork in the near future.

Enjoy hanging your handmade foil art in your home!

DIY: Foil Palm Leaf Print

Happy handmade home!

Jenna x

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2016