DIY: Fairy Bread Piñata

Hello! DIY Kiosk’s first craft tutorial has been themed around my favourite party food – fairy bread. I have made many fairy bread themed crafts in the past, including a coin purse and birthday cards.

Fairy bread is such a happy looking food and my obsession with it grew when I first spotted them on my friends’ party tables when I was a child. There was a catch though… I would never eat it as I…yep! hated butter! To this day I still hate butter spread on my sandwiches. So because of this reason, I think I love making fairy bread themed things because I could never enjoy all those amazing plates of fairy bread at those kids’ parties. Now that I’m older I have finally discovered that I can substitute butter for honey, so now I can kinda have my fairy bread…and eat it too.

So let’s get the craft party started and make a Fairy Bread Piñata – DIY Kiosk’s first craft tutorial!

Fairy Bread Pinata on

downloadable template
white card
pastel yellow card
assortment of coloured paper (think Rainbow Brite!)
brown and white crepe paper
trinkets and sweets
four-blade scissors
glue stick
double-sided tape

How to make a fairy bread piñata

Download the Fairy Bread Piñata template HERE
Cut-out each piece from template and trace onto white card. Cut-out white card pieces.
Note: Butter templates to be drawn onto pastel yellow card and cut-out.

2.5_DIY_Kiosk_SprinklesCut coloured paper into sprinkles. 1.5cm in length.

4_Buliding_the_PinataBuilding the Piñata

Stick double-sided tape around one of the triangular card pieces.

Fold down the sides into the centre along each line of the ‘slice sides’ and ‘crust’ strips.


Stick down the two ‘slice side’ strips of card onto the two shorter sides of triangular card.

Before joining up the two ‘slice side’ strips to make the top point of the fairy bread piñata, make a handle with string and glue or tape it down on the triangular base inside the Piñata with the handle poking out between the top points of the piñata ‘side slice’ strips.

Stick on last remaining ‘crust’ strip. If any of the strips hang over the sides, cut to size.


Once your piñata base is built, fill with confetti, trinkets and sweets.

Stick double-sided tape around the sides of piñata and stick the remaining triangular card onto the top. You have now built your fairy bread base!

Now you are ready to make the piñata fringing.

Fringing the Piñata

Make strips of piñata fringing by measuring the crepe paper along the top and sides of the fairy bread base. I have cut my fringing strips into 2cm width pieces.

Cut fringing in each strip by using four-bladed scissors. You can also chop fringing using regular scissors too!


Start by cutting up brown crepe paper strips to use as crust for the longer side of the fairy bread card base. Secure fringing on the piñata with double-sided tape.

To make the piñata fringing effect glue down the fringing strips starting at the bottom of each side of the piñata working your way up. Overlap each strip by 1cm.

Next cover the renaming fairy bread card base with white crepe paper fringing. Repeat piñata fringing technique.

Tip: If any fringing bits are sticking out, give your piñata a little trim!

Glue yellow card shaped like butter onto both sides of the piñata.

Now just add sprinkles on top!

Yay! Now you have a fairy bread piñata! Nom, nom, nom…

Fairy Bread Pinata on


Hope you have fun making your fairy bread piñata!

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2015

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  1. Sarah

    Oh Jenna, the new blog is gorgeous! All of the colors and details are a feast for the eyes and I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful projects you have in store. 🙂 Congratulations on this new venture. xo

  2. Site

    Fairy bread is the bomb! i still eat it now as an adult! and sometimes if mum wasn t watching us while we made our school sandwiches we d also take it for lunch! lol

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