DIY: Conversation Heart Treat Box

DIY: Conversation Heart Treat Boxes

Welcome 2016! Kicking of the new year by spreading a little crafty love in the form of conversation heart treat boxes – perhaps to also gift a loved one with on Valentine’s Day.
I loved popping in to my local milk-bar as a kid and picking up a $1 mix bag of lollies. It was always a special day indeed when I would discover some pretty pastel conversation hearts were included in the mix. Not only were they sweet little pastel bits of happy, but they also contained some feel good words in red font on top – Kiss me, you rock, I love you, be mine – the essential sweet nothings.

So in ode to these sweet treats and the one that captures your heart, your valentine, lets spread some handmade love with these conversation heart treat boxes.

Will you be my valentine?

DIY: Valentines Day Treat Box

How to make a Conversation Heart Treat Box

Nothing says I love you more than a handmade gift, that can also be filled with some more secret treats!

heart template
coloured cardboard
double-sided tape
adobe photoshop or word program

Romance someone with a DIY Valentine’s Conversation Heart Treat Box

Download the free conversation heart template. Cut-out and trace around both hearts onto your choice of coloured cardboard and cut-out. These will make-up the lid and bottom of the box.

How to make Conversation Heart Treat Boxes

Type sweet sayings in a Photoshop or word program using a Cooper Std font. Print out onto paper and cut-out. Use these letters as a template to draw around onto card to cut-out and glue to the lid of the box.

To make up the side strips, on card measure out two strips and cut-out.
Lid: W: 3cm x Length: 31cm
Bottom: W: 3cm x Length: 30cm

Draw a thick line half a centimetre around the edge of the lid heart with a texta. Cut-out letters (for sayings) and glue onto the top lid heart in the centre.

DIY: Conversation Heart

Putting together the Conversation Heart Box

NOTE: Both lids are made using the same method. The bigger heart and longer strip is for the lid and the smaller heart and shorter strip is for the bottom of the box. Once made the top lid sides should cuddle around the bottom lid sides. This part can be a bit tricky, but the cuteness of the project will no doubt encourage you to want to finish! It did with me!

Draw a 1cm line along both of the card strips. Cut 1cm apart snips down the 1cm strip line (looks like fringing).

Fold down the cut fringing along each card strip. This part of putting the box together is like putting together a piñata.
Stick double-side tape along the fringe part of card strips.

Stick and fold down the fringe strip part (with sticky double-sided tape on it) down around each heart shape. The fringe part should stick around the very edge for the heart lid, but for the bottom you will need to stick the shorter fringe strip side 1cm in from the edge, so when the box is closed the lid will hug around the bottom sides. Ha! sounds like our crafty materials are spreading the love too!

How to make Conversation Heart Treat Boxes

Fill your little conversation heart boxes with some sweet treats.

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Now all you have to do is put on the lid and gift your handmade delights to the one that captures your heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

DIY: Conversation Heart Treat Boxes

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Project, photography and styling by Jenna Templeton Copyright (c) 2016