DIY: Cactus Keyrings

DIY: Cactus Keyrings on

Cacti seems to be a trend around the web of late. Crafters and designers are making cactus cushions, piñatas, and funky pattern pots to grow their spikey new friends in. Inspired by this trend and my cactus postcard collection as well as some California travel destinations on my must visit list, I have put together a little DIY here on how to make felt cactus keyrings.

How to make cactus keyrings

These cactus keyrings will make it easier for you to find your keys. They would also look super cute dangling from a backpack!

DIY: Cactus Keyrings on

DIY: Cactus Keyrings on


white paper
neon pink embroidery thread
green embroidery thread
sewing needle
toy stuffing
fabric scissors
felt in green, pink, blue chevron

How to make a spiked felt cactus keyring 

DIY: Cactus Keyrings on


How to make a felt cactus keyring on

Freehand draw some different style cactus on white paper and cut-out. These will be your templates.

Note: You will need to make 2x side pieces for each cactus as they will be sewn together to make up a whole cacti.

Draw around each with a marker onto felt. I used green felt for both cactus and a blue chevron pattern felt as the pot on the other cactus keyring. Once cacti has been drawn onto felt cut out with fabric scissors.

How to make a spiked cactus keyring on

Hand sew some spikes onto both of the spiked cactus pieces with a scattered running stitch.

With a 15cm piece of string make a handle by tying two ends of the string together. Sew the string handle onto the back of one of the cactus sides that will not show once cactus keyring is made.

Sew the two spiked cactus pieces together around the sides with a running stitch. As you sew around stop every few stitches to stuff the cactus with the toy stuffing.

Tip: I found it easy to get the stuffing in small corners by pushing the stuffing inside using a pencil.

Once you have finished you will have a cute felt plushie cactus to hang onto a keyring.

How to make a potted cactus felt keyring

DIY: Potted Cactus Keyring on


How to make a potted felt cactus keyring on

Follow the first steps in this post to make your potted felt cactus pieces. You will need two of each piece to join together at the end to make the final keyring.

Make a flowers from pink felt – it will look super cute on the top of this cactus.

Hand sew running stiches with green thread down the middle and arching around this line to make a sweet spike effect. With pink thread hand sew the pink felt flower to the top of the cactus sewing in and back out through the center of the flower.

Sew the pot onto the bottom of each cactus with a back stitch. Sew another line 1mm under this one to create a pot rim.

Note: Remember you will need to hand sew the two pieces for each facing side to look similar.

How to make a potted felt cactus keyring on

Repeating the final few steps of the spiked cactus keyring. Make a handle with string. Sew to one of the inside backs of the cactus. Secure the two cactus felt pieces together, sewing a running stitch along the outside – making sure every few stitches you are stuffing the keyring with toy stuffing.

DIY: Cactus Keyrings on

Hope you had fun making this DIY. Would love to know what you think in the below comments.
Enjoy and wear your felt cactus keyrings with pride on your keys or backpack. They would also make a great Christmas ornament too!

Happy cactus crafting! xx

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